UK Results 2017

Results 2017

No boats managed to complete the race within the set time limit. Consequently no one officially finished the race. However the 5 skippers and their boats listed below managed to to fight their way to the finish line while the remaining 23 boats had to give up due to no wind on the race course.

Placering Skipper Bådtype Bådnavn Måltid
1 Mads Siggaard-Andersen Albin Express Nuser Lørdag 20:45
2 Sven Møller Seascape 27 Vera Lørdag 20:50
3 Claus Pedersen Classe Mini Pogo 2 Grand Danois Lørdag 21:09
4 Wladyslaw Chmielewski Beneteau First 27.7 Buenea Søndag 00:50
5 Erik Riis L23 Helge Søndag 05:30