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Notice of Race / Sailing Instructions – One Star Challenge 2021

rev. 2021-05-10

Information regarding Coronavirus

Due to the Corona virus the social activities will be limited like it was at last year’s race. We will make the race as Corona-safe as possible. This means following the guidelines and rules dictated by the Danish government at any time. Information regarding this will be updated regularly on the event-website.

One Star Challenge 2021 is open to foreign sailors. However – if covid-19 travel restrictions prevent foreigners from participating in a legal manor, the signup will be annulled and the signup fee refunded.

A skippers briefing might not be held. All information will be sent by mail and published on the event-website.


The idea behind One Star Challenge is to host a straightforward friendly race for Singlehanded sailors in the most beautiful waters of Denmark. We try to keep the number of rules to a minimum, but we still need a common set of ground rules. Our primary focus for these rules is to increase safety.

The race is carried out under flag and governed by the International Seaway Regulations (COLREGS) with the special regulations for navigation in certain Danish waters.

A race license is not required, and no corrected results are calculated based on ratings. This also means that we do not require sails to be measured, and you can bring as many as you like.

Participating boats are divided into races based on size (LOA, 1 foot = 0.3048m) and type:

  • Small, 18-26 feet
  • Medium, 26.01-32 feet
  • Large, 32.01 feet and up
  • Multihull
  • BIG boat, all boats sailing the Bigboat-route

The first boat for each race to cross the finish line is the winner.
The winner of each race will receive the race trophy from last year’s winner.
(The winner from last year is obligated to bring the trophy to Køge Sejlklub before the race starts – even if you are not racing this year.)

Race office

On arrival to the marina the participants must check-in and receive a t-shirt, boat number, last minutes information’s and maybe some other things.

Race office can help point to a dock in the marina for your boat.

You can stay in the marine for free between 17. – 25. May. If arriving before Race Office is open, please contact us by calling the watch phone +45 7178 5760.

Race Office is manned to assist the participant from the day before and as long as the race is on.

Race office can be contacted by phone +45 7178 5760

Safety equipment

We do not compromise on safety. But it is the participants own responsibility to accommodate the safety recommendations.

All participating boats must be in seaworthy condition and we reserve the right to reject boats/participants which we do not consider fit to participate in the race.

We also require all participants to bring/use the following safety equipment:

  • Approved life jacket must be worn throughout the race! (if inflatable a spare must be brought)
  • Jack lines must be rigged on deck and approved lifeline be available. We encourage the use of lifeline throughout the race and especially when moving on deck and during bad weather.
  • Functional VHF radio (portable accepted, incl. batteries for the entire race)
  • 2 handheld emergency flares and 2 emergency rockets, expiration date not to be exceeded.
  • Bailer/bilge pump
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Strong torch light and/or head lamp and an additional spare
  • Anchor with minimum 30 meters of anchor line/chain
  • First aid kit

Køge Sejlklub and One Star Challenge might perform safety inspections.  We encourage participants to be serios about their safety and comply with the rules above.

Navigation lights

All participants will experience sailing in the dark. Therefore, all boats must carry lanterns/navigation lights as described in the maritime regulations. Participating boats under 7 meters must comply with the rules for boats over 7 meters.

The use of engine

It is allowed to use the engine during the race for charging batteries without driving the propeller. It is also allowed to use the engine in the event of an emergency, to avoid collision or running aground, and to assist another vessel in distress.

Furthermore, the engine may be used while entering an emergency port from within a radius of 200 m from the port entrance.

Any use of engine for propulsion should be noted and reported to the race office immediately after finishing the race.

Start numbers, race markings and advertising

All participating boats are obliged to mount start numbers and any advertising for the race sponsors, which is supplied at registration.


All participants must have a shorecrew of one or more persons, which can contribute to the contact between the race committee and the participant. The shorecrew should also assist the participant by supplying weather reports, moral support, and guidance along the way. It is recommended that the shorecrew is knowledgeable about sailing and knows the participant well.

Contact information

When checking in at the Race Office the participants must state the following:

  • Own mobile number
  • Name(s) and phone number for shorecrew
  • Call sign/MMSI for VHF-radio

The race committee may at any time choose to postpone or cancel the race, if for example weather conditions are considered to be a risk to the participants. If the race is canceled the participants are not entitled to a refund.

Rounding direction

The rounding direction is decided by the race committee, taking the safest passage of the route into consideration. The rounding direction is announced at the skippers briefing, is sent out by email and posted on the event website.

Routes – The Classic

Møn on Port side (counter-clockwise):
Sailing from Køge Marina,
via Faxe Bay to Bøgestrømmen,
west around Farø,
via Grønsund – at the exit from Grønsund all boats are to round the red marker at position 54°49.782’N 12°11.359’E to the south,
passing Møns Klint,
heading for Stevns klint,
returning to Køge Marina.

Except for the deployed markers for start and finish line, no special race markers are used. Besides the red marker mentioned above no other markers are required to be rounded or passed in a specific way.

Møn on Starboard (clockwise):
The above route is sailed “backwards”

Routes – Big Boat

The Big Boat route is designed to accommodate those who are restricted by draft, and therefore cannot sail the passage of Bøgestrømmen.

Sailing from Køge Marina,
across Faxe Bay to Møns Klint,
south of Møn,
inbound via Grønsund – at the entry to Grønsund all boats are to round the red marker at position 54°49.782’N 12°11.359’E to the south,
below Farøbroen’s high bridge,
into Storstrøm where the danger marking at position 54 ° 57.736 N, 11 ° 53.898 E is rounded to port (counter clockwise),
then sailing back the same route through Grønsund, the Baltic Sea and Køge Bay.


The race can be divided into two or more offset starts.

The division is decided by the race committee and will be used to create space on the starting line and to gather the arrivals back to Køge Marina. The final times for the starts will be announced by mail, on the website and on a poster on the clubhouse window.

Start and finish line

The race committee establishes the start and finish line in the immediate vicinity of the piers at Køge Marina.

Starting procedure

Starting procedure for each start.
5 min. before start: Warning signal, Red flag – flag up, accompanied by sound signal
4 min. before start: Ready signal, Pennant P – flag up, accompanied by sound signal
1 min. before start: Ready signal, Pennant P – flag down, accompanied by sound signal
At start: Warning signal, Red flag – flag down, accompanied by sound signal

Until 10 min. before the start please keep clear of the starting area. Position your boat north of the harboar entrance and hold.

10 min before your start you approach the starting line. The start will be from north crossing the line in a southerly direction.

Do not make false starts! There is a long way around the course, and a few seconds will not matter. Any boat estimated to have made a false start will have 30 min. added to the sailing time.

Time limit

Monday  24. 12:00 a.m. is the time limit for completing the race. At this time no more boats will be allowed to finish.

Finish time

Note your one GPS time when you cross the finish line. Check with the race office to see if you have the same time.

Assistance and seamanship

Any participant in One Star Challenge shall, without undue delay, provide assistance to any person or vessel in danger or distress.

Each participant must also exhibit what is considered common seamanship towards other participants and other sailors along the way.

Retiring from the race

If a boat retires from the race, Race Office must be informed immediately.


All boats are offered tracking in cooperation with KEEP SAILING. Tracking requires your own smartphone onto which an app is downloaded and installed.

KEEP SAILING is supported on both iPhone and Android. The participant must sign up for the event in the app by themselves. The participants should bring a powerbank in order to keep the phone charged during the entire race.

The aim is to make tracking with KEEP SAILING an interactive experience for the users who can share pictures, videos and descriptions from the trip, already while sailing. These functions are supported in the app.

Disclaimer of liability

The participant confirms by registration that participation in the race is entirely at their own risk. Køge Sejlklub and One Star Challenge assume no responsibility for property damage, personal injury or death resulting from unfortunate incidents before, during or after the sailing.


Each participating boat must have a valid third-party liability insurance. Insurance policy to be presented at registration.


In the event of discrepancies between the translations, the Danish version of the sailing regulations will apply.