UK Notice of race


We do not get on withouta set of common game rules, but we will try to limit them, but at the same time use it to focus on safety.

The race is carried out under flag and sailing according to the common rules at sea!

A race license is not needed.

We do not require measurement of sails and you can bring as many as you like. However, we encourage One Design class boats not to use special sails that goes beyond any class rules.


What we do not compromise is the safety!

Therefore, every boat must be seaworthy  and we reserve the right to reject boats/participants who we do not consider in good condition to complete the race!

We also demand that all participants bring/apply:

  • Life jacket is worn throughout the sailing! (if inflatable to reserve)
  • lifeline/racing lines must be rigged on deck and we encourage it to be used when moving on the deck!
  • functional VHF (portable accepted)
  • 2 handheld emergency flares and 2 emergency rockets with valid expiration date.
  • Bailer/bilge pump
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Strong torch light and/or head lamp
  • Anchor with minimum 30 meters of anchor line/chain

Køge Sailing Club and One Star Challenge performs control of as many possible of all the boats. At the same time, you are encouraged to take your own safety seriously and comply with the above rules.

Navigation lights

All participants are sure to navigate after dark.

Therefore, all boats must carry lanterns/navigation lights as described in the maritime regulations.

The rules apply and are enforceable to all participating boats. Participating boats under 7 meters must comply with the rules for lanterns for boats over 7 meters!

Shore Crew

All participants must have a shorecrew, that can contribute to the contact between the race committee and the participant.

Shorecrew, must be able to assist participant with weather reports, support and guidance along the way.

Contact information

  • By the time of enrollment, participants state:
  • Own mobile number
  • Contact number on “shorecrew”
  • Call number / MMSI / name of VHF


The race committee may at any time choose to suspend or cancel the race, in whole or in part, for example, if weather conditions are considered to be at risk to the participants.

Start and finish line

The race committee establishes the start and finish line in the immediate vicinity of the piers at Køge Marina.

Rounding direction

The rounding direction is decided by the race committee and takes into account the most safe passage of Bøgestrommen.

Rounding direction is announced at the skippers meeting at 19:00 on Thursday evening.

The routes – The Classic

Møn by port; Sailing from Køge Marina via Fakse Bay to Bøgestrømmen, around Faroe, via Grønsund, where it is possible to sail both SB and BB on “Flæskegrund” before heading for NE, Møns Klint, Stevns klint and returning to Køge Marina.

In addition to the selected start and finish line, no special marks are specified for a required rounding or passage.

Møn on Starboard; The above route sailed “backwards”

The routes – Big Boat

The Big Boat route is designed to accommodate those who are restricted by draft, and therefor cannot sail the passage of Bøgestrømmen.

The sailing starts in Køge, crosses Faxe Bay, to the tip of Møns Klint, in Grønsund, under Farøroen’s high bridge, in Storstrøm where the danger marking at position 54 ° 57.736 N, 11 ° 53.898 E is rounded before sailing back through Grønsund, the Baltic Sea and Køge Bay.

Note; For safety reasons, the above marking must be rounded in the same direction of navigation as the Classic Route


The race can be divided into two or more offset starts.

Breakdown is decided by the race committee  and will be used to create space on the starting line and to gather the arrivals back to Køge Marina.


All boats are offered tracking through cooperation with KEEP SAILING.

Tracking requires your own smartphone to download and install the app.

KEEP SAILING is supported on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

The aim is to make the tracking with KEEP SAILING an interactive for users who can share pictures, videos and descriptions from the trip, already while sailing.

Assistance and seamenship

Any participant in One Star Challenge, shall without undue delay, provide assistance to any person or vessel in danger or distress.

Each participant must also exhibit what is considered to be a generally good seamanship, towards other participants and other sailors who they meet along the way.

Disclaimer of Liability

The participant confirms by registration that participation in the race is entirely at your own risk. Køge Sailing Club and One Star Challenge assume no responsibility for property damage, personal injury or death resulting from unfortunate incidents before, during or after the sailing.


Each participating boat must have a valid third party liability insurance


In the event of discrepancies between the translations, it is always the Danish version of the sailing regulations that apply.