UK – forside – trimday

Have you ever thought if you could …?
So even though you totally even be able to sail your own boat, 106 nautical miles from Køge, around Møn and back to Køge, alone and without stopping?
Maybe your best sailing buddy thought the same thing?
Maybe have discussed it on the pier?

Now you get the chance to investigate whether you can go the distance, because

 Friday June 1st 2018 at 09.00 hours

the second start for Zealands biggest singlehand sailing event, One
Star Challenge, where you have the chance to challenge your best buddy or the wise men from the pier on, man against man, boat against boat, to sail singlehanded from Køge Bay, through the southern Danish Faxe, over, under Queen Alexandrine bridge and Farø bridges, via Grønsund into the Baltic Sea, against the Danish Biscay and return to the town of Køge.