UK Tracking


In cooperation with KEEP SAILING we have for One Star Challenge, opted for a slightly different approach to tracking, than what one typically sees.

KEEP SAILING, is a Danish service for boaters, offering free tracking for all who create a login. KEEP SAILING now also offers tracking of events where a group of boats can be followed along the way in a regatta. In addition to the high update frequency, participants will also have the opportunity to take pictures and write small messages along the way. These will also appear in the Tracker, and thus give the followers on shore, a much funnier and more engaging experience.

In order to be included in the tracking, you must use a smartphone (iPhone/Android), and you must create a free account with KEEP SAILING.
Tracking along the way must be carried out using the app itself, where you also can quickly and easily submit pictures, perhaps spiced with a little text.

Since the voyage extends over many hours, and the app will also contribute to a slightly larger power consumption on your smartphone, it is important that you have charging available onboard.

You can already now, make your phone ready for tracking by KEEP SAILING, which you can also use as your log book at all other tours and regattas.

After you have completed the download, you need to register. Finally you can enroll for the One Star Challenge tracking. When the event gets closer you will find a direct link to the tracking event here.