UK background and rights

Idea, concept and rights
Idea and concept to One Star Challenge, is conceived by Morten Thomsen and Per Dragelund, under the heading “Solo Mon around from Køge” which originally was conceived as a challenge, man to man, between Morten and Per in each our L23’er.

During our talk about the voyage, it went more and more up for us, that the here sailing could have a far greater and perhaps even international audience. With the urging of the local sailing clubs in Køge, we put pressure on boilers and is today ready to beat the doors up for what has been our little child, One Star Challenge.

Now we count down on the days for the first start, and we hope and look forward to welcoming many like-minded people, sailors, welcome at Køge Marina, and not least to follow you, they turn around. 106 nautical miles around the Mon

Best greetings and good wind

Morten & Per

All material, such as intellectual property rights in and to the ide, secondary name and concept for the voyage Solo Mon Around, including, but not limited to, all commercial and non-commercial rights belongs to Morten Thomsen and Per Draw lund.

Secondary; 1Star, One Star Challenge, Solo Mon around from Køge.