UK background and rights

Idea and concept
Idea and concept for One Star Challenge, is conceived by Morten Thomsen and Per Dragelund, with the headline “Solo Mon around from Køge” originally thought out as a challenge, man to man, between Morten and Per in each their L23.

Quickly the idea was developed into a sailing event for a much bigger audience. During the first 3 years the event was primarily driven by Morten and Per in cooperation with Køge Sejlklub but since the 2020 event Køge Sejlkub has been the sole organizer.

Køge Sejlklub organize One Star Challenge because it is a beautiful, fun and social event. Any economic profit will be used to develop the youth section of the sailing club.

All material, such as intellectual property rights in and to the idea, secondary name and concept for the voyage Solo Mon Around, including, but not limited to, all commercial and non-commercial rights belongs to Morten Thomsen and Per Dragelund.

Secondary; 1Star, One Star Challenge, Solo Mon around from Køge.