UK Routes


As in 2020, there will be 2 routes to choose from.

The DNA of One Star Challenge is a race around Møn/Moen and the Big Boat route is added to give larger boats the opportunity to join in even if their draft is too big to go through Bøgestrømmen.

We hope that, as many as possible, will acknowledge our DNA and follow us on the voyage through beautiful sea- and landscape of Bøgestrømmen.

Your selection of route is done during registration, and cannot be changed.

The Classic

The Classic starts in Køge, goes through Faxe Bay, through Bøgestrømmen, under Queen Alexandrine bridge and Farø bridges, via Grønsund into the Baltic Sea.

After rounding of Møns Klint, the final sprint into the danish Bay of Biscay and the voyage ends with the passing of the finish line, when the sailors again reach Køge.

Please note! the above is a description of the route and not an adoption of rounding direction. Pay attention that the notice on selection of which way around to go Moen/Møn, is first given on the skipper meeting the evening before departure.

Big Boat

Big boat route is organised to accommodate the boats, that constrained by draft, cannot sail the strait Bøgestrømmen.

The voyage starts in Køge, goes across Faxe Bay, to the tip of the cliffs of Møn, in strait of Grønsund potential strong currents has to be handled, under Farøbroen high bridge, out in Storstrømmen where Danger marking at position 54 ° N, 11 ° 57,736 53,898 E must be rounded before sailing back through Grønsund, the Baltic Sea and Køge Bay to the finish line in Køge.