UK practical details

Race Office and check-in

Race Office can be found on first in the club house of Køge Sejlklub.

All participating boats shall, upon arrival at Køge Marina, immediately visit the Race Office for registration and enrolment.

During One Star Challenge, Race Office can be contacted at:

Mobile + 45 71 78 57 60
VHF channel 77

Boat and Mast crane

For access to boat crane (for boats with center hoist and weight under 2 tonnes) and mast crane, please refer to the Race Office, which will assist with access and help.


Trailers can be parked at the public parking in the parking lot North of the Harbour

Port rent

We mave made arrangements with Køge Marina, so that participants from One Star Challenge, can stay free of charge from the monday before the race until monday after the race weekend.

Upon arrival at Køge Marina, your guest tag can be obtained at the Race Office, which must be placed at an easy viewable place on the boat.


If you need electricity for charging, money can be ‘loaded’ to the access card in the harbours payment machine. Afterwards the money can be transfered to the electricity outlets on the docks.

Toilet, bath and other facilities

By check-in at the Race Office you will  be handed along with guest sticker, a pass to toilet and bath facilities at the Marina.